Most of the research IntelliSurvey undertakes is performed discreetly and privately without expectation of any recognition. Our commitment to confidentiality is a given, which makes a recent client acknowledgment such an appreciated gesture.  

Congratulations to the IntelliSurvey team responsible for the Women in the Workplace 2021 project. We’re proud of all of our project managers and teams for consistently going the extra mile to bring complex projects to fruition.

We would like to thank McKinsey & Company for the opportunity to collaborate on this interesting research, and for including us in their report. We hope to see much discussion generated on this very important topic.

Finally, we too would like to thank women, past and present, who have continued to transform the workplace for the better.

You can read more about “Women in the Workplace 2021” on McKinsey & Company’s website by clicking here.