Looking for insights to optimize market potential? We have incorporated Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) analysis to our platform; input from multi-select or MaxDiff.

Are you hoping to launch new products? Do you want to gauge how the market may receive your product? A TURF analysis may be the perfect solution for you. IntelliSurvey has integrated TURF analyses into our platform in order to help you get the insights you need. Read more below to see what a TURF analysis is and an example of how we can help you.

What Is TURF Analysis?

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency analysis (TURF) is a statistical technique to estimate market potential. This technique allows users to develop optimal communication with customers and create promotional strategies to reach their audience.

TURF Analysis for Retail

TURF analysis is particularly useful for the retail industry. Many retail and e-commerce businesses use TURF analysis software for product planning, advertising placement or claim testing. If you’d like to launch a new product, TURF analyses can be useful to gauge how your product’s reception may go.

An Example of IntelliSurvey’s TURF Analysis Software In Use:

Example: What is the optimal set of 3 Olympic sports to maximize American viewership?

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo have arrived after a year delay due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With hundreds of events across dozens of sports over the two-week run, we were curious which were the top three disciplines Americans planned to watch.

In the week leading up to the Olympics and over the opening weekend, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. respondents who were likely to watch the Summer Olympics, “Which of the following Summer Olympics sports are you planning on watching/have already watched this year?”

Respondents selected from a list of 46 disciplines, and a “Haven’t decided” option. 

Fun fact: Each sport has an accompanying pictogram. These were brought to life in a charming performance during the Tokyo Opening Ceremony, paying homage to the host country’s 1964 contribution of the pictograms to the Olympic Games. https://www.nbcolympics.com/news/human-pictograms-embody-50-olympic-disciplines-during-opening-ceremony

Next, we used the IntelliSurvey TURF Analysis applet to estimate an optimal 3-sport portfolio. This feature is part of our latest platform release, version 7.5. Input can be either a multi-select or MaxDiff type question. TURF analysis considers a set of options (e.g., statements, flavors, sports) to produce subsets, called portfolios. The number of items in the subset is user-specified and can be a number or a range. Unduplicated reach describes the proportion of respondents who selected at least one of the items within a portfolio. Frequency is the number of items desired within the portfolio. Thus, to find the portfolio that covers the most people and includes as many items as those folks like look for the portfolio with the highest reach, then the highest frequency.

With a checkbox question as input, an option is considered “reached” if a respondent selected it. Unduplicated reach extends beyond a basic frequency as it searches to include a combination of options which covers different respondents (i.e., a portfolio with a little bit for everyone).  Let’s look at our basic frequency results for the top six sports:

Basic frequencies (non-TURF)

Swimming, diving, gymnastics, and athletics all exceed 50% of our N=1,000 sample. However, if we were to pick only three to feature for prime-time coverage, how could we be sure we would not be serving the same ~50% of viewers? TURF gives us another view:

TURF results, optimal 3-sport portfolio

84% reach (the number of respondents in the sample who selected at least one item in the portfolio); 1.57 frequency (average number of appealing sports per respondent):

  • Swimming
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Athletics (Track and Field)

The portfolio with the highest reach (84%) and highest frequency (1.57) included swimming, artistic gymnastics, and athletics. Although diving has a 3% edge over artistic gymnastics and athletics in terms of a basic frequency, the TURF portfolio did not include it. This suggests there is some overlap in respondents who plan to watch diving and at least one other sport (perhaps swimming) which was included in the portfolio. The TURF results are presented in an Excel export and include every combination. The Swimming-Diving-Artistic Gymnastics combination has a reach of 82% and a 1.62 frequency. Therefore, the impact of the overlap: -2% reach, +.05 frequency, compared to the Swimming-Artistic Gymnastics-Athletics portfolio. This new solution would draw in fewer Olympic viewers than the former, but it would increase the number of sports some of the viewers would like to see. The preferred portfolio may be guided by theory and client needs rather than running strictly by the numbers.

Reach Chart

What’s Next?

We invite you to use IntelliSurvey’s TURF Analysis feature either as a self-directed client, or with the help of IntelliSurvey’s survey design and data analysis experts.

We have additional advanced analytics capabilities in our development pipeline. If there is something specific you would like to see, please contact us and let us know!