Testmode Tools

IntelliSurvey leads the industry in programming and hosting complex surveys. Because of this complexity, survey testing is critical. We know the data we collect is used to make important decisions. There must be no errors in a survey, even after last-minute changes. That’s why we’ve developed a robust set of tools for full-featured survey testing. Click the video link below for an overview of some of these tools.

Clone Records

The clone tool allows a tester to open an identical record at any point in the survey, making it possible to try various paths without the need to start over. Each cloned survey opens in a new tab, with all of the previous answers filled in.

Monitor Your Test’s Variables

Two types of data access are a button-press away:

  • Display a quick, pop-up window containing all collected data for this record
  • Open a new browser tab to the Response Report screen for this record

Dummy Data Tools

Click the “fill” or “clear” buttons to run an algorithm that randomly answers/resets the questions on the current page. This is a time-saver on surveys with large tables or repetitive forms.

Use the screencast link above to watch a live demo, or contact us for more details!