Gratitude & Gravy. Thanksgiving 2021 is Here.

The fall season is here with its many events and holidays to celebrate. Among those holidays is Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every year among many families in America on the fourth Thursday of November (or the second Monday in October in Canada).     Thanksgiving originated in 1621, when the Wampanoag Native Americans and the Plymouth … Continue reading “Gratitude & Gravy. Thanksgiving 2021 is Here.”

Life in the Time of COVID-19: Thanksgiving 2020

The U.S. recently reached an alarming milestone: it is now the first nation in the world since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to exceed 10 million Coronavirus infections. Although progress has been made in developing a vaccine to protect against the virus, it will likely be months before the vaccine can be widely distributed. … Continue reading “Life in the Time of COVID-19: Thanksgiving 2020”