Fraudulent or unsuitable data, whether caused by cheating or inattention, is a serious liability in online research. Failure to identify low-quality responses in your data set can result in invalid conclusions or costly re-fielding. The ability to weed out low-quality data in real time and replace them in a timely manner protects the integrity of … Continue reading “CheatSweep”

IntelliSurvey Release Version 7.4

We’re excited to announce our newest IntelliSurvey release, Version 7.4. IntelliSurvey is committed to streamlining survey programming and fielding workflows. This latest collection of improvements greatly enhances support for “Do it Together” (DIT) workflows. Version 7.4 Features Visual Editor (VE) allows users to view, revise, and add question text, logic, and attributes. A question-level comment system … Continue reading “IntelliSurvey Release Version 7.4”

Mobile Admin Portal

Harness the power of IntelliSurvey on the go! You can utilize IntelliSurvey’s reporting and admin platform anytime, anywhere, from the palm of your hand. Check quotas and test surveys from the couch. And with more mobile respondents than ever, you can run your own mobile-based survey tests. Learn how to: View quotas, incidence rates and … Continue reading “Mobile Admin Portal”

IntelliSurvey Launches Agency Solutions Group for Market Research Agencies

IntelliSurvey is excited to announce the launch of its Agency Solutions Group, a new business unit focused on serving research agencies.  For over a decade, IntelliSurvey has been the survey programming leader among management consultancies, where timing, exactitude, efficiency, and flexibility are of paramount importance. Our new Agency Solutions Group aspires to assist research agencies with … Continue reading “IntelliSurvey Launches Agency Solutions Group for Market Research Agencies”

Life in the Time of COVID-19: Trust in Media/News Figures

During a health crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak, people seek honest and accurate information about the virus, but it seems as though conflicting information is often reported by members of the media.  This begs the question:  Who should we trust? IntelliSurvey’s second installment in its “Life in the Time of COVID-19” online survey series, conducted … Continue reading “Life in the Time of COVID-19: Trust in Media/News Figures”

Attitudes in the Time of COVID-19

IntelliSurvey’s first installment in its “Life in the Time of COVID-19” online survey series, conducted on March 27, 2020 among 1055 adults in the U.S., offers a point-in-time snapshot of what Americans are thinking  and doing during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The following is a summary of some of the attitudinal results. Will the Sun Come … Continue reading “Attitudes in the Time of COVID-19”

Life in the Time of COVID-19

IntelliSurvey’s “Life in the Time of COVID-19” survey series began on March 27, 2020, with an online survey administered to a representative sample of adults in the United States. The series was created in order to track the attitudes and behaviors of Americans that are occurring as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the … Continue reading “Life in the Time of COVID-19”

Advanced Crosstabs: Nets & Metrics

Ready to take your crosstabs to the next level? Significantly speed up your reporting and produce better results with these new features! Nets to create and add predefined and custom nets, e.g., Top 2 box, to your crosstab reports. Metrics to add descriptive statistics to your tables with a few clicks of the mouse. Metrics available include standard … Continue reading “Advanced Crosstabs: Nets & Metrics”

IntelliSurvey and COVID-19 Statement

We hope this note finds you and your loved ones well. IntelliSurvey has been monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation. There are large uncertainties now in the broader world about continuity and availability. We offer assurance that IntelliSurvey will remain reliable during this challenging time. We do not expect any change to our availability to make … Continue reading “IntelliSurvey and COVID-19 Statement”

Integrated Crosstabs

Create tables before fielding. Get a head start on your analysis by setting up crosstabs during soft launch. Update your report automatically as new data comes in — no need to recreate the report. Crunch those numbers. You can also integrate metrics like means, standard deviation, and variance. This Crosstab Report area may become your … Continue reading “Integrated Crosstabs”