Life in the Time of Covid-19: Optimism and Expectations

Much of the U.S. population is currently under stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders. And although President Trump announced guidelines earlier this month for states to use to begin opening up some ‘non-essential’ businesses by May 1,  in reality, several states have done so already despite not having met these guidelines. Likewise, the UK is ‘locked down’ … Continue reading “Life in the Time of Covid-19: Optimism and Expectations”

Trust in the Time of COVID-19

The results of IntelliSurvey’s March 27, 2020 survey among a representative sample of 1,025 adults in the U.S. reveal that overall, most Americans have high levels of trust that health organizations and health, local, and state government officials are providing them with honest and accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic.  But digging into the data … Continue reading “Trust in the Time of COVID-19”