Thoughtful Programming – a Quick Client Case Study

The CEO wants Nikita’s recommendations next Thursday. Today is Monday. Tight schedule.  The survey has been through a whirlwind of critiques from no less than eight stakeholders. Many changes and re-edits. Now, it is time to get the survey programmed and data collected. Nikita’s IntelliSurvey contact conveyed: test link by Wednesday morning or sooner, iterations … Continue reading “Thoughtful Programming – a Quick Client Case Study”

Preventing Survey Fraud with CheatSweep™

Delivering quality data is a foremost objective at IntelliSurvey. This principle guides our teams throughout the survey life cycle. We also offer the utility of our proprietary data cleaning system, CheatSweep™, for all surveys hosted on our platform at no additional cost. CheatSweep is an IntelliSurvey internal-facing algorithm which weighs approximately twenty criteria to assess … Continue reading “Preventing Survey Fraud with CheatSweep™”