Streamlined Survey Programming
Optimized to Your Needs

We’ve assembled the right mix of people, processes, and proprietary technology to make even complicated projects feel simple.

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  • Experienced programmers with centuries of combined experience
  • Same-day project turnarounds
  • Questionnaire design review and structural advice
  • Developers on hand for complex requests
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  • Highly adaptable workflows, including do-it-for-me, do-it-together, or do-it-yourself models
  • Make in-line edits yourself, minimizing iterative back-and-forth
  • Rush overnight and weekend support available
  • Option to leverage our team for questionnaire design, field management, and data processing 
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  • Power testing tools to minimize time to soft launch
  • Crosstabs, topline, and other analysis tools built exclusively for research
  • Algorithmic data cleansing with CheatSweep™
  • Real-time results reporting
  • Integrated QA tools to reduce time & cost

Whether your questionnaire is straightforward or intricate, our team has robust capabilities to manage any level of complexity.

We’ve Never Met a Survey We Couldn’t Handle

From a simple screener to the most complex conjoints, our survey programming team has experience deploying studies across a multitude of industries and methodologies.

Choice-based Surveys

We support choice-based modeling from the simplest (e.g. MaxDiff) to the most complex (e.g. menu-based conjoints). We program the exercise and run utilities directly in our reporting portal – no need for external licenses.

Collect More Data Efficiently

By streamlining the process of designing, distributing, and analyzing data, our survey programming services enable users to gather more information using fewer questions. Eliminate unnecessary questions that can negatively impact engagement and completion rates.

List Distribution and Incentive Management

In addition to, or instead of, panel data, IntelliSurvey can support distribution of the survey to client lists (employees, CRM contacts, etc.) as well as incentive management (gift card, charity donation, etc.). Our tools support throttle management, timed distribution, reminders to non-respondents, HTML mail, bounce tracking, etc. Our project managers help to tailor emails to get the best response rates.

Multi-market and Language Capabilities

Our clients can leverage our network of linguists to translate and localize questionnaires to ensure quality of response for multi-market research engagements. We frequently run multi-market and multi-language studies and our platform supports more than 165 languages and dialects.

Self-Service Tools

Real-time reporting and analysis tools are available to all customers the minute the survey is programmed. Our easy-to-navigate portal automatically tracks incidence, reasons for termination, survey length, and other vital metrics – no need for separate analytics software or licenses.

The reporting portal displays topline results in straightforward formats, such as word clouds for open-ended questions and grouped table questions. Excel, SPSS, and other formats are available for download anytime, so initial analytics can commence before the survey closes.

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CheatSweep™ is IntelliSurvey’s proprietary data cleaning system that catches subtle signs of fraud that other systems miss. As respondents complete surveys, we gather extensive data about their behavior – such as time spent on each question, cursor and keyboard actions, and much more – and immediately discard obvious cheaters. Using that same data, we also flag bad respondents so they don’t count towards quotas or surface in online reports.

By systematically removing bad actors and cheaters quickly, you get better data and peace of mind knowing you’re using the most advanced cheat detection system available.

The IntelliSurvey Difference

We’re research nerds who love getting into the nitty gritty of market research. We take great pride in the reputation we’ve earned as the zany experts, the research sherpas, the platform maestros. And our customers think so too – our quarterly NPS score is consistently above 75.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Our Areas of Expertise

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Bring your research questions, and we’ll design your questionnaire

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Fast, powerful, flexible programming

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Blended sample procurement and expert field management

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Data Processing

Everything from complex clustering to simple visualizations