Benefits of Survey Programming

Leveraging our proprietary software to reduce disconnects and delays, our programming team has experience deploying studies across industries and methodologies. From the simple screener to the most complex conjoint or highlighter study.

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Project turnaround times twice as fast as the competition

Automatic integration with panel management and real-time data/reporting

Highly responsive delivery team

Integrated QA tools to reduce time and cost


Built-in handling of many uncommon survey structures

Developers available for custom requests 

Global support for extended hours and weekend coverage

Custom dashboards available


99.99+% uptime

Algorithmic data cleansing with CheatSweep™

Questionnaire design review and structural advice

Real-time results reporting

Data downloads into SPSS, Excel, and more

Features of Custom Survey Programming with IntelliSurvey

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We gracefully handle even the most complex, custom survey requests – shopping carts with hierarchical dependencies, point-based basket selections, custom heat maps, tricky conjoints, etc. Once built, presentation schematics can be re-used across many projects, substantially lowering costs.

Let us do the heavy lifting with our skilled programming team. We can bring your market research vision to life from programming to survey sampling to data processing. The complex has become routine for us: Representative field quotas (clicks and completes), 20+ languages studies, piping, loops, multi-conditional routing logics, dynamic in-page actions, and more.

Choice-based Surveys

We support choice-based modeling from the simplest (e.g. MaxDiff) to the most complex (e.g. menu-based conjoints). We program the exercise and run utilities directly in our reporting portal – no need for external licenses.

Collect More Data Efficiently

By streamlining the process of designing, distributing, and analyzing data, our survey programming services enable users to gather more information using fewer questions. Eliminate unnecessary questions that can negatively impact engagement and completion rates.

List Distribution and Incentive Management

In addition to, or instead of, panel data, IntelliSurvey can support distribution of the survey to client lists (employees, CRM contacts, etc.) as well as incentive management (gift card, charity donation, etc.). Our tools support throttle management, timed distribution, reminders to non-respondents, HTML mail, bounce tracking, etc. Our project managers help to tailor emails to get the best response rates.

Multi-market and Language Capabilities

Our clients can leverage our network of linguists to translate and localize questionnaires to ensure quality of response for multi-market research engagements. We frequently run multi-market and multi-language studies and our platform supports more than 165 languages and dialects.


The IntelliSurvey Difference

There are a few reasons why 73% of our clients come back to us with repeat business and a large part of our clients come from referrals:

White glove service

We partner with clients in a variety of ways ensuring the needs of our client, and the needs of their research, receive customized attention.


With a large, global survey programming team we have resources available to support extended hours cutting programming time in half.


We hire the best of the best so our clients can leverage the collective knowledge of our team.

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