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Whether you’re looking for weighting, segmentation, driver relevance, utility modeling, TURF analyses, or more – our data collection software is fully equipped to get you the information you need.

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Clean, accurate data and insights are our passion. Fraud can be a big problem for online surveys. After all, with complex surveys or hard-to-reach audiences, you may need to offer compensation. That attracts pretenders and cheats. If you don’t weed them out, your results may be compromised, and you don’t want to make important decisions based on tainted data.

CheatSweep™ is IntelliSurvey’s proprietary data cleaning system. As respondents complete surveys, we gather extensive data about their behavior – such as time spent on each question, cursor and keyboard actions, and much more. We immediately discard obvious cheaters. Then, using the data we’ve gathered, we also catch more subtle signs that other systems miss. We then flag bad respondents so they don’t count in online reports or towards quotas.

As a result, you get better data, faster, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re using the most advanced cheat detection system available.

Do-It-Yourself Survey Analysis Tools

Our simple, easy-to-use reporting system tracks incidence, reasons for termination, survey length, and other key metrics. Our reporting portal also enables self-serve downloads into Excel, SPSS, and other formats so analytics can commence before the survey closes.

The portal’s topline report displays results in easy-to-understand formats. For example, open-ended questions are shown as a word cloud, and table questions are grouped together.

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Export Formats

Analyses are exportable in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.

Data downloads are available in Excel, SPSS, Tableau-friendly verticalized CSV, etc.

They are all accessible at any time (even on test data). They can be distributed automatically to user-defined email lists on an adjustable schedule (e.g., daily).

Explore Our Data Analysis Reports

See how simple your research can be with IntelliSurvey’s in-depth survey reporting solutions.

Reporting Portal

IntelliSurvey’s portal gives real-time access, in a single view, to all features needed from survey creation to insights. Effortlessly create charts, export tables, and view your metrics at a glance. You’ll always be up-to-date with IntelliSurvey, thanks to our versatile survey reporting software with real-time survey tools.

The reporting part of the portal includes tools for first-time survey users and advanced researchers, it covers:

Field Management

metrics, quota management, field reports

Standard Analytics

tables and charts for your full survey (topline / crosstabs)

Data Cleaning Suite

CheatSweep, response report


weighting, utility modeling, TURF, etc.

Export in a Variety of Native Formats

Excel, SPSS, Tableau-friendly verticalized CSV, etc.

All of these real-time survey tools are built automatically when surveys are programmed by our team or using our proprietary software. They are available from testing, through the field, and after close. Flexible and hand-tailored to your needs, our survey reporting tools seamlessly provide the analytics you need to start delving deeper immediately.

Tables and Charts

Our table and chart outputs are fully integrated: the minute the survey is programmed, they are ready to use. No need for a separate analytics software or license. All results can be viewed and analyzed directly on the IntelliSurvey platform.

Analytics tools include outputs for all question types:

  • Close ended: percentages, counts
  • Numerical: summary statistics
  • Verbatim: word clouds

They provide summaries for table questions (e.g., averages or top 2 boxes). They can be filtered by segment with our topline report, or compared for different segments side by side with our crosstabs report.

Analyses can be customized for user preferences (e.g. filters, summary metrics, showing percentages or count, chart type, chart colors, etc.). Settings can be saved and refreshed automatically as field progresses and more data comes in.

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Tailor-Made Survey Reporting Tool

Our reporting platform can be customized.

If you need a personalized setup for field management or outputs, our research team and development staff can help build solutions to integrate smoothly into your analytics workstreams.

Discover Our Survey Data Analysis Team’s Capabilities

Custom Survey Analysis and Reporting

Design a custom analysis program with our team of dedicated researchers and analysts. Our research experts can bring out insights beyond basic outputs, for instance building funnel or brand equity analyses, calculating derived importance, or segmenting your audience into meaningful subgroups. Our team can also append existing transactional, internal, or third-party data to enrich your data set to create a robust tool for insight generation.

Expert Data Cleaning and Review

To ensure the quality of our data deliverables, our team will provide recommendations and best practices for quality control on a project-to-project basis, including the introduction of red-herring questions, attention checks, and traps to capture cheaters. In addition, all data is reviewed by a senior member of our team to capture the things that algorithms cannot – e.g., contextual understanding, congruency of response, and overall “sense” checks.

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