Get Quality Insights From the Right Audience with IntelliSurvey

We supply consumer, B2B, and healthcare (HCP and patients) respondents in over 50 countries. Make survey sampling easy with IntelliSurvey.

Data-Driven Insights

Panel management provides you with the ability to access qualified research panels for powerful insights and feedback. Our delivery model ensures efficiency through a blended fielding approach. We systematically multi-source to provide quality at speed.

We coordinate respondent provision from different sources: online panels, phone interviewing, expert networks, custom recruitment, and combinations thereof, optimizing the methodology for your specific audience.

Data quality is our top priority, accounted for from design to analysis. We combine expert oversight and CheatSweepTM, our proprietary data cleansing algorithm, to ensure the quality of your data.

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Uncover audiences easily

We carefully vet and actively manage our supplier network. All of our vendors run through our initial quality assessment protocols (documentation review, pilot project, etc.).

We actively monitor our network with ongoing performance reviews (for each project and across projects). We partner with vendors, flagging suspicious respondents so they can be removed from panels.

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Scope your target audience with precision

Our team helps you define the right target and specifications for your research projects.

For all our sample projects, we offer consultation on the research brief and help optimize the audience (countries, screeners, sample size, quotas, etc.) for your research needs and project constraints (time, budget, length of questionnaire, need for market sizing, etc.).

We advise on the fielding methodology and find the best bundle of sample sources to meet your requirements.

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Optimize your questionnaire design

Whenever we provide sample, we run a detailed questionnaire review to ensure quality of the responses.

Our research team can also support with full questionnaire design or specific section design (e.g. conjoint), from scratch, on demand.

The IntelliSurvey Difference

Leveraging IntelliSurvey’s vast network of vetted sample suppliers means:

  • Sourcing respondents from high-quality, thoroughly vetted vendors  
  • Faster fielding times with systematic multi-sourcing
  • Adding additional panels as soon as day 2 if fielding is slower than expected
  • Hands-on field management team making real-time necessary adjustments
  • CheatSweep™ flags poor quality responses in real-time
  • Project consultants review results for logical consistency and quality of verbatims

What is Panel Management

Panel management allows your business to instantly access groups of consumers – also called panels – for feedback. Panels are used for product feedback, advertising testing, market research, and more. 

Learn more about how combining programming and sample from IntelliSurvey brings smoother projects, faster delivery, larger sample sizes (even for challenging targets), and better quality control.

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Get Started With Panel Management

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