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Tailor-Made Market Research Solutions

We support clients across every step of the research process in a flexible, custom manner that fits their needs, whether we manage the entire process or support in specific areas.


Our team programs complex surveys leveraging our proprietary platform and Survey Programming Language (purpose-built with efficiency and customizability in mind). We can also assist with questionnaire development.


Tenured Project Managers with more than a decade of experience find and manage multiple partners so you don’t have to, saving time and effort. Alternatively, manage email outreach yourself with batch sends and usage reports or simply plug in a panel partner (B2B, B2C, Healthcare).


Intuitive data cuts and weights overlaid onto robust crosstabs, frequency reports, and visualizations allow for a fast, seamless processing experience. Everything is available self-service, or you can leverage our team to save time or for more advanced needs.

Custom Market Research Surveys

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Survey Programming

Leveraging our proprietary research operations software, our processes are optimized for speed, flexibility, and support, enabling our team to turn around projects in half the time of other providers.

Panel Management

Simplify your research panel needs by allowing IntelliSurvey to coordinate respondent provisions from a multitude of sources for smoother projects, faster delivery, and better quality control.

Data Collection and Analysis

Analytics are simplified with functionalities available directly as a do-it-yourself feature with exports in multiple formats. Our research team is also available for support and guidance.

Market Research Software

IntelliSurvey owns and constantly develops our programming, field management, reporting, and analytics software to support a wide variety of projects in a highly secure, scalable environment.

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The IntelliSurvey Difference

Our clients have told us for over two decades we have the highest-touch and most responsive expert support team with full-time onboarding specialists to create a seamless transition. IntelliSurvey is the most flexible and cost-effective market research survey platform on the market, enabling clients to:

Live Edit

Shrink the lengthy revision process inherent in programming by allowing researchers to make edits via a no-code GUI while our programmers build. Clients can engage as much (rewiring logic, adding elements) or as little (in-line text edits, comments only) as they’d like.

Power Test

Jump between questions, modify previous answers mid-test, and pressure test logic seamlessly. One of our most-complimented features.

Advanced Programming

From choice-based modeling (i.e., Conjoint, Maxdiff, etc.) to price sensitivity testing (Gabor-Granger, Van Westendorp, etc.) to complex visuals, our software can power any and every project.

Data Clean

CheatSweep™ gathers extensive data about respondent behavior – time spent / question, cursor / keyboard actions, etc. – to provide a “cheater likelihood” by respondent. We flag or discard bad respondents immediately, avoiding costly re-fields and protecting data quality.

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