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Your Reliable Market Research Partner

Since 2001, we’ve bridged the gap between market research teams and the answers they seek.

Full-service data collection

Powerful proprietary software

Algorithmic data cleansing (CheatSweep™)

Teams available for extended/global hours

High-touch, white-glove service

Experts in solving complexity

Unmatched delivery speed

Experienced, tenured staff

We own and constantly develop our programming, field management, reporting, and analytics software to support a wide variety of projects in a highly secure, scalable environment.

Quality Data, Every Time

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Supplier vetting

  • Initial assessment of quality protocols: source, double opt-in, identity validation, geo-IP checks, panel management, router logic and contact rules, incentives policy, etc.
  • Ongoing performance assessment for every project. Sharing removed IDs to enhance future quality.
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Questionnaire design advice

  • Advice on best practice quality controls
  • Offender traps
  • Red-herring questions
  • Attention checks
  • Recommendations on overall design best practices to make the most of good respondents’ attention (grid size, loops, paths, etc.)
IntelliSurvey's proprietary technology

Automated data cleaning

  • Proprietary alogorithm: CheatSweep ™
  • Systematic live deduplication
  • In-survey behavior data: geo-IP, time spent per page, cursor and keyboard actions, grids patterns, etc.
  • Flagging poor quality respondents
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Manual data cleansing

  • Senior field manager review on each project
  • Interim data cleansing (not only at the very end of the project) to ensure proper quota filling without delays
  • Consistency of answers, open-end qualitative review
  • Transparent real-time data: no delay hiding IDs (unlike some expert networks)

The IntelliSurvey Difference

We’re research nerds who love getting into the nitty gritty of market research. We take great pride in the reputation we’ve earned as the zany experts, the research sherpas, the platform maestros. And our customers think so too – our quarterly NPS score is consistently above 75.

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Put Our Market Research Services to Work

Our Areas of Expertise

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Bring your research questions, and we’ll design your questionnaire

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Fast, powerful, flexible programming

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Blended sample procurement and expert field management

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Data Processing

Everything from complex clustering to simple visualizations