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IntelliSurvey supplies respondents in over 50 countries for consumer, B2B, and healthcare (HCP and patients) studies. 

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Our Blended Sample Approach

Most panel companies use their own sample first and begin adding additional providers once their in-house list has been exhausted. While this process will eventually fill your quota, there is a faster, more efficient way.

At IntelliSurvey, we use blended sampling to tap into multiple providers from day one. We do not own a panel, so we are not beholden to any particular source. Using this multi-sourcing approach, we can trim your time in field and get you to insights faster.

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Powerful Insights & Feedback

Field management from IntelliSurvey provides access to qualified research panels for fast, effective, and efficient fielding.

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Our delivery model ensures efficiency through a blended fielding approach. We systematically multi-source to provide quality at speed.

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We coordinate respondent provision from different sources: online panels, phone interviewing, expert networks, custom recruitment, and more.

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From design to analysis, data quality is our top priority. We combine expert oversight and CheatSweep™, our proprietary data cleansing algorithm, to provide superior data results.

Learn how you can combine programming and field management with IntelliSurvey for smoother projects, faster delivery, and improved quality control.

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Easily Access Qualified Respondents

We carefully vet and actively manage our supplier network. Our sample vendors run through quality assessment protocols, including documentation review, pilot projects, and more.

Ongoing performance reviews and monitoring maintain the caliber of our network. In addition to our propriety CheatSweep™ software that flags suspicious respondents, our project consultants also conduct daily checks to remove bad actors as quickly as possible.

Scope Your Target Audience with Precision

IntelliSurvey offers consultation on the research brief for all sample projects to help optimize the audience (countries, screeners, sample size, quotas, and more) based on your needs and constraints, such as time, budget, need for market sizing, or length of the questionnaire.

Our team is happy to advise on fielding methodology and how to find the best bundle of sample sources to meet your requirements.

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Trim Your Time In Field

With systematic multi-sourcing, you’ll experience faster fielding times, including the ability to add additional panels as soon as day two if fielding is slower than expected.

Our hands-on field management team can find qualified respondents faster, review and improve screeners, get surveys out more quickly, and reduce the time you need to make data-driven decisions based on project results.

The IntelliSurvey Difference

We’re research nerds who love getting into the nitty gritty of market research. We take great pride in the reputation we’ve earned as the zany experts, the research sherpas, the platform maestros. And our customers think so too – our quarterly NPS score is consistently above 75.

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Get Help Finding Your Optimal Audience

Our Areas of Expertise

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Bring your research questions, and we’ll design your questionnaire

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Fast, powerful, flexible programming

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Blended sample procurement and expert field management

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Data Processing

Everything from complex clustering to simple visualizations