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Survey Programming & Tech Capabilities

Leveraging our proprietary software, our programming team deploys solutions for every research study.


Twice as fast project turnaround

Process optimized for speed

Automatic integration with field and real-time data/reporting


Global support for extended hours and weekend coverage

Built-in handling of many uncommon structures

Developers available for custom requests


Expert programmers

Deep experience handling the most complex designs

Questionnaire design review and structural advice

Expert Programming Team

Our team of 70 programmers totals over 1,000 years of combined experience in survey programming. They help structure fit for purpose surveys and advise you to make the right trade-offs to meet your research goals. Our thoughtful staff reduces disconnects and delays.

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Advanced Programming Capabilities

IntelliSurvey can efficiently implement the most complex requirements.

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Connecting people and data in many ways

Let us do the heavy lifting with our skilled programming team. With our survey software and survey sampling services, we can bring your market research vision to life. Representative field quotas (clicks and completes), 20+ languages studies, piping, loops, multi-conditional routing logics, dynamic in-page actions, and much more are all routine for us.

We also build fully customized survey exercises like shopping carts with hierarchical dependencies, point-based basket selections, custom heat maps, etc. Once built, presentation schematics can be re-used across many projects, substantially lowering costs.

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Choice-based Surveys

We support choice-based modeling from the simplest (e.g. MaxDiff) to the most complex (e.g. menu-based conjoints). We program the exercise and run utilities directly in our reporting portal – no need for external licenses.

List Distribution and
Incentive Management

In addition to or instead of panel data, IntelliSurvey can support distribution of the survey to client lists (employees, CRM contacts, etc.), as well as incentive management (gift card, charity donation, etc.). Our tools support throttle management, timed distribution, reminders to non-respondents, HTML mail, bounce tracking, etc. Our project managers help to tailor messages to get the best response rates.

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Sample and Field Management

In addition to programming, IntelliSurvey sources respondents.

We coordinate respondent provision from different sources: online panels, phone interviewing, expert networks, custom recruitment, and combinations thereof, optimizing the methodology for your specific audience.

We supply consumer, B2B and healthcare (HCP and patients) respondents in over 50 countries. Make survey sampling easy with IntelliSurvey.

Combining programming and sample from IntelliSurvey brings smoother projects, faster delivery, larger sample sizes feasible for challenging targets and better quality control.

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Scoping Advisory

Our team helps you define the right target and specifications for your research projects.

For all our sample projects, we offer consultation on the research brief and help optimize the audience (countries, screeners, sample size, quotas, etc.) for your research needs and project constraints (time, budget, length of questionnaire, need for market sizing, etc.).

We advise on the fielding methodology and find the best bundle of sample sources to meet your requirements.

Questionnaire Design

Whenever we provide sample, we run a detailed questionnaire review to ensure quality of the responses.

Our research team can also support with full questionnaire design or specific section design (e.g. conjoint), from scratch, on demand.

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Sample Sourcing and Field Management

Our project consultants select the best sample sources for each project. They set up the field, monitor the project and manage the different providers to ensure quality delivery on time.

IntelliSurvey’s approach of systematic multi-sourcing speeds up field and improves data supplier performance. For every project, we source from at least 2 suppliers (many more for niche audiences). This multi-sourcing diversifies vendor risk, allows vendor comparison, and gives us leverage to align vendors’ interests with speed and quality goals.

Our project consultants are experts in market sizing methodologies. They routinely run click-balancing and augmentation. They understand the research logic and run field accordingly.

Sample Quality Control

We ensure quality through the research cycle, by:

Picking high
quality vendors

We carefully vet and actively manage our supplier network:

All of our vendors run through our initial quality assessment protocols (documentation review, pilot project, etc.).

We actively monitor our network with ongoing performance reviews (for each project and across projects). We partner with vendors, flagging suspicious respondents so they can be removed from panels.

Fielding good questionnaires

For each sample project, we advise on:

Quality controls (offender traps, red-herring questions, attention checks, etc.).

Overall design best practices to make the most of good respondents’ attention (grid size, loops, paths, etc.).

Cleaning the data for every sample project

We combined algorithmic screening and human review to clean the data:

Our proprietary algorithm, CheatSweep™, flags poor quality responses in real time based on suspicious combinations of in-survey behaviors and IP data.

Our project consultants review results for logical consistency and quality of verbatims.

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Survey Data Analytics

Many analytics functionalities are available directly as a do-it-yourself feature on IntelliSurvey’s reporting portal. For clients who do not have time or require advanced analytics, our research team offers support and guidance.

We cover weighting (multi-country representations, reverse representativity, etc.), segmentation, driver relevance (correlations, relative weights, factor analyses, etc.), utility modeling, TURF, and more.

Depending on our client needs, we can provide Excel results, PowerPoint presentations or online dashboards. Our data analytics team partners seamlessly with our survey programming services to provide a full-service market research solution.