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Market Research Services

Our clients depend on us for a variety of market research services. We support clients across every step of the research process in a flexible, custom manner that fits their needs, whether we manage the entire process or support them in specific areas. We can help you build, field, and analyze your market research activities to generate accurate, actionable insights. 

Survey Programming

Market researchers leverage IntelliSurvey’s survey programming services to deploy their research at twice the speed of the competition. With over 1,000 years of combined experience, our survey programmers have worked on every type of survey imaginable with various levels of complexity. 

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Field Management

With thousands of panel companies around the world, it can be hard to know which panels are trustworthy enough to provide you with the quality data you need to make decisions. That’s why our field management team continuously vets providers and uses a blended fielding approach to maximize data quality and minimize time in field.

Data Collection & Analysis

Leveraging our survey data collection and analysis software and reports, our clients can run analytics even while their survey is in progress. Our flexible reporting platform has numerous reports and analyses available out-of-the-box (including TURF, crosstabs, response, frequency reports, and more). Our dedicated survey analysis team is also available for more complex reporting requirements.

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