Over the years, many clients asked IntelliSurvey for research support. Some are looking for expert advice. Others need to reduce the workload for their team. That is how our Research team was born. Over the past year, it has grown to 6 experienced researchers, ready to consult and/or cover workstreams for you. 

Here are a few of the ways we’re helping clients with their projects today:


  • Our Research team advises clients on methodology, target audience, and sample size to meet their desired insights.
  • We provide in-depth feedback on draft questionnaires. We check the overall flow as well as screening, question wording, programming logic, and fraud-prevention best practices. 
  • Once the questionnaire is finalized, we work with IntelliSurvey’s programming team to reduce questions and back-and-forth with clients before launch.


  • We build weights based on census data or custom targets.
  • We define final data cuts and crosstabs on the IntelliSurvey portal, and help with exports in the needed format.
  • We run advanced analytics including segmentation, derived importance, pricing analysis, brand equity, and more.
  • For most projects, we deliver Excel outputs and our clients draw insights from them directly or prepare their own presentations. On occasion, we update defined client charts with fresh data or help create the visualizations. Our model adjusts to your support needs.

Our team operates on demand, so planning capacity ahead ensures availability. It also enables us to start deciphering preliminary data and building outputs during fielding, allowing us to move more quickly once full data is completed. But if you have a last minute need, we try our best to maintain capacity for urgent requests. 

Ready to start? Get in touch with your usual IntelliSurvey contact or reach out directly to our team here.