We are pleased to share IntelliSurvey’s most recent research report titled “AI in Healthcare Gives Americans Pause.” This study, conducted by our Health and Life Sciences team, sheds light on consumer attitudes and behaviors toward artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry. Among other topics, the report explores the current sentiments toward AI applications, their potential benefits, and the pace of AI adoption.

The research was conducted using IS Pro, the survey software platform by IntelliSurvey, to build, field, and analyze the results. Using IntelliBuilder, a drag-and-drop survey building tool in IS Pro, the team of sales, project management, and data analytics professionals established a collaborative research workflow for their research.

The team documented their findings and processes along the way:

Industry stakeholders, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and technology enthusiasts will find valuable insights within the full report, “AI in Healthcare Gives Americans Pause,” which includes a deeper understanding of how consumers are responding to the way AI is transforming healthcare.