IntelliSurvey programs and samples for surveys defined by our clients

Ad Hoc Surveys

IntelliSurvey programs and samples for surveys defined by our clients. 

We ensure questionnaires are functional and respondent-friendly, building easy-to-analyze datasets.  

Our software and team routinely handle all sample structures: country representation, target market representation, custom segment boosts, etc.

Large multi-market Studies

We have a specific built-in module to deal with multi-market / multi-language surveys in our platform. We syndicate the survey structure to ensure consistency of the data map and adjust localized elements as needed. 

We have a proven fast translation process with Excel overlays. It removes duplicates to ensure consistency and limits effort. We can source the translations for trusted vendors if needed.

Our platform can handle over 10,000 concurrent responses on a single project. Traffic is never limited by infrastructure bandwidth.

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Specialized tools to handle charts and records

Chart / diary Surveys

Over the years, we have developed specialized tools to handle chart (e.g., Patient Record Forms) and diary (e.g., multiple day entry Usage & Attitude) surveys.

Our platform syndicates the individual records, and enables specialized quotas and field management. It also captures data for differentiated incentives based on length of participation. Results can be verticalized / stacked for your convenience to simplify analysis of datasets and outputs.

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Human Capital

For the past two decades, IntelliSurvey has built extensive experience in setting up a wide variety of employee and organizational surveys.

Engagement, empowerment, professional development, organizational health, equal opportunity, and employee life cycle are all familiar topics. These human capital surveys share similar distribution, security and results communication requirements, and we have built dedicated tools to manage them. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of every organization.


High participation is critical for employee survey outcomes. We pay special attention to the distribution plan. We can support with the email send-outs. Our monitoring portal helps track named respondents’ statuses, keeping the answers anonymous. Progress can also be tracked at team / department level. Our reminders are adjusted to each individual’s progress status.

For life-cycle surveys, we often automate the distribution completely. For example, we support a large corporate client with four automated insight points: new hires, 90-day, bi-annual and exit surveys.

Distribution Plan: First 90 days, Biannual, Exit, and New Hire
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Human capital data is often particularly sensitive. IntelliSurvey invests in keeping it secure. We are SOC 2 certified and our platform has demonstrated resilience against every client-lead penetration test.

We systematically encrypt PII. For ultra-high security projects, we can encrypt the entire dataset, use two-factor authentication for our restricted internal team and require client SSO authentication for external access.

Results Dissemination

Collecting the data is a critical first step, but success of human capital studies relies on getting the right insights to the right people. We develop and manage specialized action planning websites: tools for an employer to move their organization forward through actionable and measurable steps based on survey results. Results can be tailored for each specific end user in the organization.

Action planning building blocks set out to achieve the targeted result
Automated frameworks for corporate research projects


Many corporate research projects follow the same frameworks and can be automated: concept testing, brand performance trackers, advertising testing, etc.

Automation saves time and money. It empowers more users to do their research directly, and enables benchmarks creation. 

At IntelliSurvey, we leverage our team research expertise and proprietary software to fully customize the automation of insight workstreams – questionnaire design survey programming, field, analytics and results presentation included.


Disseminate insights within your organization with our custom dashboards. Linked to a single ad hoc study or to several automated surveys, dashboards let users explore the data. Analyses update dynamically to let users dive into their interest segments.

Dashboards range from standard automated reporting to fully customized outputs: online, in PowerPoint and/or Excel.

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