Presenting IntelliSurvey 7.1.5


IntelliSurvey is proud to release a new version of our software with a variety of useful enhancements. This release includes improvements to Crosstabs, Security, and Compact View.


Crosstab Formatting Choices, Improvements

Crosstabs have long been a staple feature of IntelliSurvey. Now you have the option to export crosstab tables as a multi-sheet workbook, one table to a sheet. Navigating these workbooks is easy with the new table of contents sheet. This contains clickable field names that automatically jump to each table’s sheet.

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Enhanced Security and SSO

This release includes multiple security enhancements, as well an improved and easier to read login form. In addition, we have improved support for single sign-on (SSO), so that we can easily integrate with client systems and automatically log you in to IntelliSurvey systems when you are logged in to your corporate intranet or VPN. SSO also ensures that only users with access to the corporate intranet can access IntelliSurvey data.

Compact View

Compact View Improvements

Compact View, IntelliSurvey’s survey instrument review tool, continues to improve. Among other visual improvements, you’re now able to export all lists of a survey to a single Excel workbook, again with a table of contents sheet.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Many other things were investigated, polished, fixed, and improved. Curious about the status of a particular feature or issue? Please reach out and let us know!

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