Owning our software gives us the flexibility to cover any requirement. Our programming team uses our software every day, so we are intimately connected with the real-world user experience and are investing in improving it further.

The IntelliSurvey platform covers scripting (code or drag-and-drop tool), real-time field management (quotas, field metrics, and reports), data exports, live reporting portal (tables, charts), analytics (weighting, utility modeling, TURF, etc.). It is a proprietary platform built with five objectives:


Supports many thousands of concurrent respondents through surveys with thousands of questions, with minimal latency.


Run on a number of different hardware configurations – from single server up to massively redundant grid – depending on loads and client needs.


If particular application features are needed, the software and configuration can be quickly customized for specific client requirements.


IntelliSurvey has undergone rigorous security audits and white hat attacks for both private and public sector clients.


All modules are integrated and optimized to reduce efforts and time to insights.

Mobile-First Respondent Interface Design

More than half of the global survey traffic is on mobile phones. Our platform provides a seamless experience for respondents, no matter what their device.

Our programming team advises client on question mobile-friendliness and our research team support in further design improvement to make the most of the respondent participation.

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We have earned a reputation for handling projects no one can do. We are not afraid to dedicate development time to cover new or unusual requirements. We routinely handle vast amounts of complexity and data (e.g. multi-level conditional routings, creating benchmarks across hundreds of different surveys, etc.).

Because we own our system, everything in it can be tailored: from the respondent platform look and feel to the reporting portal outputs.

Live Reporting

Our portal provides a single interface for all survey interactions. Downloading the final questionnaire, testing the respondent survey, monitoring field, reviewing response quality, and analyzing results and more are all done in one place.

Everything is in real time and refreshes with data collection. No manual intervention, no need to wait.

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Field Management

IntelliSurvey has developed the most extensive tool for survey field management.

Our standard field reports include key metrics (incidence, survey length, number of completes). Our detailed reports allow to easily investigate reason for termination, quota fulls, traffic speed, page views. Our field management system accommodates different user rights (for viewing data, editing quotas, etc.) and is functional with dozens of different sample sources in the same project.

We have built a dedicated tool to handle representative sample efficiently: click balancing, augmentation and boost can all be integrated seamlessly under a single project.


CheatSweep is IntelliSurvey’s proprietary data cleansing algorithm. As respondents complete surveys, we gather extensive data about their behavior: time spent on each question, cursor and keyboard actions, IP location, verbatim quality, etc.

We immediately discard obvious cheaters. Then, using the data we’ve gathered, we also catch more subtle signs that other systems miss. Bad-quality respondents are flagged and removed so they don’t appear in online reports or count toward quotas.

We routinely run cross-study investigations to uncover new fraud patterns and adjust our algorithm.

As a result, you get better data, faster, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re using the most advanced cheat detection system available.

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Security and Compliance

Our software undergoes regular security audits. It has been resilient to all our client-conducted penetration tests.

Access to survey data is restricted to specific team members who need it and are bound by confidentiality obligations.

Our surveys are hosted on IntelliSurvey’s dedicated physical servers in the US and EU. IntelliSurvey is SOC 2-accredited.

We have in place PII encryption (for IP and survey collected data) and deletion protocols that fulfill GDPR and CCPA requirements.

Reporting Portal

IntelliSurvey’s portal gives real-time access, in a single view, to all the features needed from survey creation to insights. Effortlessly create charts, export tables, and view your metrics at a glance. You’ll always be up-to-date with IntelliSurvey, thanks to our versatile survey reporting software with real-time survey tools.

The reporting part of the portal includes tools for first-time survey users and advanced researchers. It covers:

Field Management

metrics, quota management, field reports

Standard Analytics

tables and charts for your full survey (topline / crosstabs)

Data Cleaning Suite

CheatSweep, response report


weighting, utility modeling, TURF, etc.

Export in a Variety of Native Formats

Excel, SPSS, Tableau-friendly verticalized CSV, etc.

All these real-time survey tools are built automatically when surveys are programmed by our team or using our proprietary software. They are available from testing, through the field, and after close. Flexible and hand-tailored to your needs, our survey reporting tools seamlessly provide the analytics you need to start delving deeper immediately.

Sophisticated Access Rights

Our portal has a robust system of user access rights (different levels allow to view and/or edit specific sections of the portal). This lets you invite your clients, your sample providers, and your team members to the tool – giving them access precisely to what they need.

With live data from the platform, communication of progress and metrics is much faster and requires no effort.

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Tables and Charts

Our tables and charts outputs are fully integrated: the minute the survey is programmed, they are ready to use. No need for a separate analytics software/license. All results can be viewed and analyzed directly on the IntelliSurvey platform.

Analytics tools include outputs for all question types:

  • close ended: percentages, counts
  • numerical: summary statistics
  • verbatim: word clouds

They provide summaries for table questions (e.g., averages or top 2 boxes). They can be filtered by segment with our topline report or compared for different segments side by side with our crosstabs report.

Weights can be computed directly in our tool or imported from external. All analyses can be weighted with 2 clicks only.

Analyses can be customized for user preferences (e.g. filters, summary metrics, showing percentages or count, chart type, chart colors, etc.). Settings can be saved and refreshed automatically as field progresses and more data comes in.

Export Formats

Analyses are exportable in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.

Data downloads are available in Excel, SPSS, Tableau-friendly verticalized CSV, etc.

They are all accessible at any time (even on test data). They can be distributed automatically to user-defined email lists on an adjustable schedule (e.g., daily).

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Tailor-Made Survey Reporting Tools

Our reporting platform can be customized.

If you need a personalized set up for field management or outputs, our research team and development staff can help build solutions to integrate smoothly into your analytics workstreams.

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