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Our Software

We’ve designed our software to support the wide variety of projects that our clients require. As a result, it’s flexible — if you have a unique requirement, or a new or unusual research methodology, we can handle it. We use our own software internally, so we’re intimately connected with the real-world user experience. Regular platform improvements benefit our clients and our project managers. All of our software is web-based, and available for licensing using a SaaS model.


IntelliSurvey offers a powerful platform for survey creation, data collection, reporting requirements, and other customized application development. We build primarily on an open-source platform for extensibility and scalability.


Supports many thousands of concurrent respondents, through surveys with thousands of questions, with minimal latency.


Run on a number of different hardware configurations — from single server up to massively redundant grid — depending on loads and client needs.


If particular application features are needed, the software and configuration can be quickly customized for specific client requirements.


IntelliSurvey has undergone rigorous security audits and white hat attacks for both private and public sector clients.

Reporting and data analytics

Access to critical project information in a single view

Access to critical project information

Full-featured analytical tools in real time

Fully featured analytical tools

Export at any time into a variety of native file formats, e.g. Excel, SPSS, ASCII, etc.

Export at any time

Robust user rights schema allows for flexible and secure access of reporting and quota management tools

Robust user rights schema

Easy crosstab reports to provide quick insight

Users can access an array of features to customize reports to their liking

Users can access an array of features

Tab Book

Because it is built into the software’s architecture, IntelliSurvey’s Tab Book allows clients to seamlessly run crosstab reports directly on the survey database.

Tab book


Traditionally when data is moved from one system to another, there are concerns about maintaining the file layout. Editing the survey structure can be a major roadblock for efficiently delivering analysis in offline crosstab software. IntelliSurvey’s Tab Book addresses these concerns, with crosstabs already built and ready on demand.


The Tab Book can be used for quality assessments while the survey is still in testing and/or preparing for launch as well as to deliver the detailed analytics for client presentations. If there is a nuanced question that needs to be extracted from within a dataset then Tab Book can help you find the answer.