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Image of woman explaining business information to colleagues Client Research March 14, 2024

Leaning on High-Touch Service to Get Agile Results: August Public Inc.

IntelliSurvey partners with August Public, Inc. to build and field their State of Organizational Agility survey.
Announcements January 3, 2024

Cint Partners with IntelliSurvey to License IS Pro Survey Platform

Cint partners with IntelliSurvey to license IS Pro survey software platform.
Computer software update Announcements November 29, 2023

IntelliSurvey Announces r9 Software Release, Most Significant Update to Date

This release marks a substantial leap forward in the IS Pro platform, which simplifies the user experience and delivers advanced collaboration functionality.
Image of help center sign Announcements November 9, 2023

IntelliSurvey Announces New Help Center

IntelliSurvey is proud to unveil its new Help Center, designed with an improved interface and more robust documentation to make it easier than ever to access support when it is needed.
Robot arm to illustrate AI in healthcare topic Research Process November 2, 2023

Research Report: AI in Healthcare Gives Americans Pause

IntelliSurvey's Health and Life Sciences team sheds light on consumer attitudes and behaviors toward artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry.
Blue waves Announcements February 28, 2023

IntelliSurvey Makes Proprietary Research Platform, IS Pro, Available to Researchers Worldwide

IntelliSurvey's proprietary research platform, IS Pro, is now available to market researchers worldwide. Refined over 20+ years and tens of thousands of studies, this is the first time IS Pro is being offered as a software solution.
Announcements January 3, 2023

IntelliSurvey Partners with Korn Ferry and FORTUNE for the 19th Year on World’s Most Admired Companies List

World's Most Admired Companies - 19 Year Partnership with Korn Ferry and FORTUNE.
Client Research December 5, 2022

Women in the Workplace 2022

Women in the Workplace 2022 - IntelliSurvey receive research acknowledgement.
A Client Case Study with IntelliSurvey showing a sample of many people Research Process October 3, 2022

Research Services: Expertise – A Quick Client Case Study

Segmentation aids market understanding.
Announcements August 31, 2022

Research Services Built on Partnership

Our research team is ready to offer its help and expertise.
Cheatsweep preview by IntelliSurvey Feature Spotlight August 21, 2022


Fraudulent or unsuitable data, whether caused by cheating or inattention, is a serious liability in online research.
Announcements August 18, 2022

How we’re Keeping Cool this Season: Summer Habits and a New IntelliSurvey Platform

QuexMe has arrived!!
Announcements August 2, 2022

Prophet Brand Relevance Index 2022

IntelliSurvey receives research acknowledgement.
Research Process July 13, 2022

Create a Successful Net Promoter Score (NPS) Program in 8 Steps

A quick and easy guide to creating an NPS program.
Advanced and Integrated Crosstabs - preview by IntelliSurvey Feature Spotlight May 1, 2022

Advanced Crosstabs: Nets & Metrics

Significantly speed up your reporting and produce better results with these new features...
Release Notes January 13, 2022

Welcome 2022 with IntelliSurvey’s Version 7.5.4!

Version 7.5.4 of our online survey software features significant improvements that make accessing your data quicker and more efficient.
Feature Spotlight December 14, 2021

Preventing Survey Fraud with CheatSweep™

IntelliSurvey's CheatSweep™ is our data cleansing system to identify and discard cheats.
7.5 Release - Features Release Notes November 12, 2021

IntelliSurvey Version 7.5

IntelliSurvey's Version 7.5 has numerous exciting new features and updates.