IntelliSurvey’s proprietary research platform, IS Pro, is now available to market researchers worldwide. Refined over 20+ years and tens of thousands of studies, this is the first time IS Pro is being offered as a software solution.

Researchers can use IS Pro to build, field, and analyze virtually any quantitative survey. Early adopters depend on IntelliSurvey’s platform to deliver insights quickly and efficiently thanks to:

  • Intuitive survey programming language
  • Robust customizability via css, javascript, and more
  • High-touch and responsive expert service
  • 99.99+% uptime
  • Competitive pricing

The IS Pro platform has powered some of the world’s most reviewed research, including Fortune magazine’s annual “World’s Most Admired Companies,” McKinsey’s “Women in the Workplace,” Prophet’s “Prophet Brand Relevance Index,” and more.

The easy-to-learn platform allows users to manage every step of the research process:

  • Build: Leverage our script-based language (with plain-English, full-functional, flexible programming syntax), our no-code survey builder (IntelliBuilder), or both
  • Field: Easy integration with 100+ panels and email management.  Probabilistic quota management to minimize overage, and built-in data cleaning tools. 
  • Analyze: Expressive charts, robust crosstabs (including significance testing), weighting (RIM), HB MCMC scoring, and more.

“For more than 2 decades, the IntelliSurvey Service Center has been programming, hosting, fielding, and analyzing surveys on behalf of many of the world’s most esteemed researchers. Now, we’re excited to offer software licensing of our proprietary platform to the professional research community. IS Pro is built to efficiently handle the needs of even the most demanding research organizations,” said Jonathan Ephraim, President at IntelliSurvey. 

“We believe that researchers around the world will benefit by migrating to our survey platform. They’ll be able to gather insights more quickly than ever before because our software is optimized so that even complex work can be completed without requiring software engineers. And our online reports allow for instant analysis to turn research into actionable insights,” said Rob Messer, CEO at IntelliSurvey. 

IS Pro powers over 2,000 surveys per year for the IntelliSurvey Service Center.

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