IntelliSurvey is excited to announce the launch of its Agency Solutions Group, a new business unit focused on serving research agencies.  For over a decade, IntelliSurvey has been the survey programming leader among management consultancies, where timing, exactitude, efficiency, and flexibility are of paramount importance. Our new Agency Solutions Group aspires to assist research agencies with particularly complex data collection requirements.

IntelliSurvey has an exceptional Service Center team, with 60+ expert programmers throughout the United States and United Kingdom.  Surveys are programmed and fielded on the IntelliSurvey proprietary platform, which enables rapid programming of simpler survey components, and flexible tools to address complexities.  The platform includes toolkits that may be particularly useful for groups with the following needs: 

  • Integrating expansive retailer / brand / product / feature sets. Spreadsheets may be natively incorporated into data collection programs, enabling the rapid execution of the most formidable multi-category, multi-retailer, multi-brand studies.

  • Supporting complex subset selections, and logic flows. Questions, section, and stimulus can be assigned in a multiplicity of ways, incorporating chance, population ratios, tiering and more.      

  • Behavioral science choice based exercises. Choice-based exercises and shelf tests needn’t be off the shelf; truly complex models and representations can be enabled.

  • Engaging, mobile-friendly respondent presentation. Core survey presentations are intuitive for respondents, and easy to complete on all devices.  Gamified techniques such as swiping, carousels, and more are supported.

Having experience and tools around complexity simplifies projects, by removing jury-rigging and duct tape.  IntelliSurvey accelerates timelines for the first run of a survey or framework, and better leverages initial construction efforts on future exercises to support faster deployment and lower costs.

Vista Grande has developed a proprietary framework for understanding how shoppers perceive choice in categories with abundant variety, and to do so in a range of retail channels. The company was in search of a partner with the technology and expertise to run complex and detailed market simulations for some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.  Russ Onish, president of Vista Grande, stated: “IntelliSurvey was the only survey company we found who had both the experience and technology platform to create our custom simulations at scale and efficiently. We view IntelliSurvey as a critical business partner we trust to deliver consistently with excellence for our clients.”

We hope that agencies with particularly challenging study requirements reach out to Challenges excite us.