Lead It Ourselves

Recently, IntelliSurvey partnered with our client, Mondelēz International, to present on some findings we’ve discovered throughout our extensive work together. The presentation took place at the Corporate Researchers Conference in Orlando, Florida in October of 2019. The presentation was led by Miles Drayton, Director of Global Strategic Insights at Mondelēz; and Jonathan Ephraim, President and Co-founder of IntelliSurvey.

The presentation revolved around tapping complex DIY analytics to complete major corporate projects in-house. Conceptually, the process that we’ve supported in tandem with Mondelēz could be described as “Lead it Ourselves” (LIO).  As business models continue to evolve, the pace, structure, and execution of primary research must endeavor to keep up. The presentation outlines key takeaways and strategies for the effective execution of complex research projects in-house.

Key takeaways include:

  • Build a flexible framework! Practical challenges will be manifold, but manageable within an adaptable research structure.
  • Complex analytics need not be a sinkhole for in-house resources.  In-house teams can ensure that country and category knowledge are embedded early in the project, and can inform Segmentation, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Max Diff, etc.
  • Knowledgeable partners, frank communication with frequent touchpoints and course-correction, and flexible technology are the keys to LIO success.

For more information, please have a look at the Lead It Ourselves PowerPoint presentation below.