Seamless Collaboration

  • Cut out time-consuming Word or Google Sheet change logs with in-line editing and commenting
  • Manage quota creation and updates together, with all changes tracked just in case
  • Save and share reports, with automated email sends and in-field updates
  • Leverage drag-and-drop survey building and in-line editing that allows less technical users to build with programmers

More Tags, Less Tedious Code

  • Intuitive, plain-English Survey Programming Language (SPL) – no more obnoxious XML
  • Cut down custom coding with hundreds of survey elements and tags that shrink opportunities for coding errors
  • Implement advanced constructs simply, like MaxDiffs and Click-Balanced Quotas

White-glove Support

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist with a 3-week onboarding flow to get up to speed fast
  • Global live chat support with extended hours
  • Robust documentation with code examples, video walkthroughs, and FAQs
  • Experienced programming, fielding, and research teams ready to help as needed

Customizable and Extensible

  • Invoke standard web languages when needed for survey customizations (HTML, jQuery, CSS, Perl, more)
  • Dozens of integrations with panel and technology partners
  • Fast-moving development team that prioritizes client needs
IntelliSurvey's code with multiple tools

Fast and Functional

More tags make less work. That’s why we’ve built hundreds of them, representing question types, logical elements, question properties, and option attributes. By minimizing the need for custom coding and functions, we minimize keystrokes and decrease opportunities for pesky mistakes. And for the things we haven’t covered yet, you can leverage common web languages (HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Perl) for customizations.

The same fast and functional philosophy also applies to our other tools, including testing, quota management, data cleaning (with our proprietary CheatSweep™ utility), reporting, and more.

Do-it-Together Painlessly

IS Pro’s drag-and-drop survey-building tool sits seamlessly on top of our programming language. The result: researchers, fielders, and programmers can collaborate in real-time in whatever way they’re most comfortable. Add in prominent in-tool commenting, tracked change logs, and simple report sharing, and you get the most collaboration-forward tool in market research.

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Messages popping up while typing on a computer

Accessible Support Experts

Research timelines are tight. Our support team works at your speed via our integrated live chat (responses in minutes, not days). The team is made up of IntelliSurvey platform experts, each with 5+ years of experience in our tool. They’ll point you to the right resource or dive into the nitty gritty of your project.

Scalable and Secure

IS Pro is designed to adapt and grow with you, handling small-scale projects to enterprise-level initiatives. The IntelliSurvey platform powers many thousands of complex projects every year and many millions of completes.

Platform security is a top priority at every step. We are SOC 2 compliant, and we can share further security and system details as needed.

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