Introducing IntelliSurvey 7.1.4

The latest version of our software has launched! It is optimized to make collecting and presenting data easier and more efficient than ever. You’ll experience a redesigned look and feel in the reporting tool with key areas defaulting to show relevant detail. Compact View has been enhanced to work with translations, and the Weights tools will streamline your analytics process.

Data Tiles

Cleaner Data Tiles

Our tile interface has been re-imagined with a focus on survey results. Charts and graphs feature a thoughtful new color palette designed to make data easier to see, differentiate, and understand. Application views now utilize more space for a more visually-focused engagement.


Topline Improvements

Topline Reports’ Summary Tiles now default to a stacked-bar chart display and data labels have been adjusted to a more concise format. This gives researchers immediately relevant information with less adjustment in the configuration menus.

Compact View

Compact View

Compact View, IntelliSurvey’s comprehensive survey overview tool, has been greatly enhanced. It is now possible to preview each question in a translated format, or to view the entire survey in the target language. In the latter case, users can download a Word document to quickly review the translated text of an entire survey. Further, variables used for calculation can be hidden from view for an abbreviated Compact View, showing primarily respondent-facing content.



Survey results weighting is now easier to create and digest. As before, the IntelliSurvey platform features a step-by-step tool to calculate weights-based survey fields and target values. Newly introduced in 7.1.4, users are able to upload their own weights from a CSV document. When working with Crosstabs, weighted analyses will now include a display of weighted and unweighted base sizes for each table.


Response Reports

Response Reports in general have a limitation on the number of columns they can show on-screen. This column limitation used to extend to what was sent to Excel exports. No longer: as of 7.1.4, all of the columns for filter you request will appear in an export to Excel. Individual Response Reports, where you can review a single respondents’ answers, display only the fields that are selected in the Response Report’s Filters menu. In 7.1.4, there is the option to Show All Fields instead. When the report is then exported to Excel, the same fields are exported.

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