Released now on our survey platform, version 7.5.4 of our software features quality-of-life improvements that make accessing data quicker and more efficient.

Navi Favorites – Click the star for quick access

Customize the survey Navi menu with the items that you access most frequently. Stars on the right side of all menu items are clickable:

  • Click once to fill the star and Favorite it. This menu item will be added to the Survey submenu, making it quickly available in this location for all surveys on that server.
  • Click the star again (on either the original or Survey area location) to remove the “favorite” status from a menu item.

Note: “Favorites” replaces the “Recents” feature (which created shortcuts in the Survey submenu for recently accessed applets).

Navi favorites

Quota Filter Buttons

Surveys often have numerous quotas in a variety of chapters, making it challenging to quickly locate the information you need. This feature will produce filtering buttons across the top of the Quotas applet page, keeping quotas organized and easily filterable.

Click on chapter buttons to only see quotas in the selected areas. There’s also a text input for typing in chapter descriptions. Let your focused group of quotas lead the way to more efficient task management.

Mobile Website Survey Sorting Updated

Mobile users of the admin portal will now find the surveys that are most relevant, more quickly. Recently-accessed surveys will display toward the top of the list for quick access.

CheatSweep now tracks the number of pasted-in responses per respondent

In our effort to continue to provide the best data possible, CheatSweep will monitor when respondents are pasting answers into text fields. Used in conjunction with other CheatSweep measures, this will serve as additional data in identifying fraud-like responses, preventing them from being included in your final dataset.

Further Information?

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