We’re excited to announce that IntelliSurvey’s recently released Version 7.5 features better testing tools, more engagement in survey taking, additions to our advanced analytics suite, and more! Among the changes are the following enhancements:


The Deliverables applet provides a centralized location for all saved reports and exported files. Digests is a new type of Deliverable that allows users to combine multiple files into a unified format, easily downloadable as a single file or shared via prescheduled email update.

Testmode Testing

Users of the Advanced Testmode tool set are familiar with the menu for jumping to any page in the survey.  This menu now contains a storehouse of helpful data such as question text from each page, making it easier to type to find that “household income” related question. Also check out the greatly enhanced respondent data table: a popup repository of all questions answered so far. New UI features and columns of information (text, chapter, etc.) have been added to make sorting and searching for relevant data much more efficient.

TURF Analysis

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) analysis has been added to our platform. TURF helps researchers discover which elements of a list to choose to reach the largest cross-section of an audience. Use this tool with multi-select or MaxDiff questions. 

TURF analysis produces several potential scenarios called “portfolios,” each described on its own workbook sheet.  One portfolio might show how well the sample would be reached if two list elements were chosen (e.g., if a store carried only these two brands).  Another portfolio might show three, then four, then five brand solutions.  

“Unduplicated reach” describes the proportion of respondents whose selections include at least one of the items within a portfolio. The portfolio with the highest reach, then the highest frequency will be the one that covers the most people and includes the items they most frequently preferred.

For more details and a real-world example please see our News post on TURF Analysis.

New “Stars” Question Type

Spice up normal rating questions by using an interactive, mobile-friendly “star rating” question. Customize the number of stars, whether to support partial stars, headings, text labels, and more. Respondents can simply touch or swipe to record their opinions on their mobile devices.

Reveal Rows

Surveys with large grids can benefit from the new “reveal rows” feature: dynamically reveal new rows as respondents provide answers. Unaided awareness tables are an excellent use of this feature! Save space on the page, create an attractive UX, or limit the number of Other Specify rows shown.

Stepped Numeric Inputs

Survey authors can now easily include [+] and [-] buttons for numeric text questions. Respondents can then interact with the input via mouse, keyboard, or touch on mobile devices. Some questions may work best with different intervals of change (e.g., 5, 10, 100).

Carousel Effect 

Our platform now natively supports an interactive carousel effect for rating images or elements in sequence about a scale of buttons.

Further Information?

For more information or assistance, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to help!