IntelliSurvey Releases 7.3 Software Update

IntelliSurvey’s latest software release promises efficiency gains and myriad self-serve functions

MISSION VIEJO, Calif.Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IntelliSurvey, a global leader in survey technology (, announced today its official release of software update 7.3, the latest development of its proprietary research platform.

Robert Messer, CEO, said, “This update will help us work more closely with clients to edit surveys collaboratively, and thus reduce the time required to deploy even the most complex projects. And automating field updates will help us keep things running smoothly. The enhanced crosstabs will also make it simpler to understand survey results quickly to drive analysis and actionable insights.”

Key Release Highlights:

Real-Time Questionnaire Editing/Review: online output of the questionnaire is now available in an editable Compact View. Users and clients can easily edit surveys prepared by IntelliSurvey teams.

Improved Fieldwork Management Functions: 7.3 enhances the ability of users to define and automatically distribute field update reports. New functionalities reduce field manager burdens for complex recruits – click-balance, multi-panel, or multi-market.

Improved Crosstabs: 7.3 introduces enhanced Crosstabulation functionality, including additional metrics, and the ability to define metrics in survey program classes. Crosstab generation has been parallelized, enabling even large runs to proceed quickly.

Facilitating Exports Into Tableau: The IntelliSurvey platform now offers verticalized download formats for rapid integration into Tableau.

Tactile Respondent Presentation Techniques Enhanced: Card sorts and sliders are more polished, smooth, configurable, and mobile-friendly.

Jonathan Ephraim, President, said, “Our mission is to help clients develop elegant, tactile surveys quickly, and inform key business decisions with actionable, accurate data. Our development efforts have been particularly focused on simplifying the invocation of complex research techniques within our platform, in response to SaaS licensing interest from the expert research community” (

About IntelliSurvey: For nearly two decades, IntelliSurvey has earned a reputation as the premier resource for deploying sophisticated primary research on behalf of some of the world’s largest organizations. Powered by a proprietary platform, IntelliSurvey specializes in designing and executing online surveys, audience sampling, product testing, and other custom research (

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