Mission Viejo, California, Nov. 29, 2023 – IntelliSurvey, a leading provider of quantitative market research services and software, is pleased to announce Release 9 (r9), its most significant software update to date.

This release marks a substantial leap forward in the IS Pro platform, which simplifies the user experience and delivers advanced collaboration functionality.

Most notably, r9 enables multiple users to build surveys simultaneously via either script-based programming or a drag-and-drop interface. The system shows edits to collaborators in real-time, tracks all changes, and allows for in-line commenting. Additionally, users can create, save, and share custom reports in-tool or via email throughout the fielding process. 

In addition, r9 brings a fresh, modern look and feel to the platform, offering users a more intuitive and engaging interface for the building, fielding, and analyzing of online surveys. Behind the scenes, the new platform also includes many performance enhancements and technical improvements that will improve the research experience for survey authors, report users, and survey respondents alike. These changes also set the stage for even more rapid improvements and new features in 2024 and beyond.

“We are thrilled to introduce our r9 software release, which marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our market research platform,” said Rob Messer, CEO of IntelliSurvey. “This release includes a great new UI and collaboration features, and these improvements and others establish a strong foundation for future development. The platform redesign and new collaboration features demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible experience for online survey creation and execution. We believe r9 will be a great benefit to our users, and we’re excited to roll it out.”

The r9 software release from IntelliSurvey is now available to all existing and new customers. For in-depth information about r9 and IntelliSurvey’s comprehensive survey solutions, please contact the team today.

About IntelliSurvey:

IntelliSurvey is a leading provider of quantitative market research services and software solutions, empowering organizations to create dynamic and engaging surveys. Committed to innovation and excellence, IntelliSurvey simplifies and enhances the survey programming, fielding, and analysis process for a wide range of professionals, from researchers and marketers to data analysts.