IntelliSurvey’s Integrated Solutions Team

Since the company’s founding, IntelliSurvey has excelled at tackling our clients’ most complex research problems. Most of the time we have focused on survey programming and hosting. Needs change, however, and over the last few years our clients have requested our help in other overlapping research areas such as designing surveys, fielding them, and the synthesis of the results. End-to-end solutions are now expected. IntelliSurvey has put these pieces together and now offers the flexibility and streamlining of Integrated Solutions. 

Design. Build. Field. Synthesis. These are all essential components of any survey and IntelliSurvey is able to help in all these areas. First, our subject matter experts will design or review your survey to ensure that the required data will be captured.

Our program managers will build a survey powered by the IntelliSurvey platform, acknowledged as one of the most powerful in the industry. The versatility of our platform allows us to specialize in complex builds such as choice-based modeling, price sensitivity testing exercises, and custom concept-testing solutions. 

Next one of our sampling experts will design a fielding plan to meet these needs by defining target markets, assessing audience size and building a field strategy. Cheatsweep™, IntelliSurvey’s proprietary data cleansing algorithm along with expert oversight are combined to ensure that the data being compiled is top quality. 

Finally, the results are ready for dissemination. These can be delivered through our state-of-the-art, real time reporting model. Alternatively one of our researchers or analysts can design a custom analysis program, or we can append existing transactional, internal or 3rd party data to create a robust tool for insight generation.

The Integrated Solutions Team is the most flexible in the industry. They are available now to help you maximize the value of your next engagement and achieve your research goals.

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