Crosstab Icon

Create tables before fielding. Get a head start on your analysis by setting up crosstabs during soft launch. Update your report automatically as new data comes in — no need to recreate the report.

Crunch those numbers. You can also integrate metrics like means, standard deviation, and variance. This Crosstab Report area may become your new favorite place for mid- and post-fielding analysis. 

This video provides an introduction to the redesigned crosstab reporting interface. Learn how to:

  • Create various crosstabs within the same platform that builds and runs the survey. Fewer trips to a separate crosstabulation program means shorter turnaround and improved fidelity.
  • Automatically load up to ten tables in a preview pane while you choose columns and rows. Choose from various export options.
  • Easily include weights or statistical significance testing.

IntelliSurvey version 7.3 has arrived, bringing with it a newly redesigned crosstab reporting interface. Discover how this cleaner and more intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to conduct important data analysis.

Use the screencast link above to watch a live demo, or contact us for more details!