Expression Builder

Data cuts are integral to exploring, analyzing, and visualizing research results. The ability to isolate or combine specific segments within a data set enables researchers to reveal the most important findings.

IntelliSurvey’s main Data Cuts tool has been robust and has allowed users to build complex expressions. In the new version 7.3 of our platform, we have added a new, quicker option for basic actions.

This video introduces the Expression Builder. Learn how it:

  • Displays on-screen immediately, never leaving the tab
  • Provides a familiar interface for adding & removing variables
  • Creates an editable expression and its calculated sample size

We’ve incorporated a new, intuitive way to reference that next slice of data. Version 7.3 should be on your server soon. Let us know how this new feature enhances your research experience.

Use the screencast link above to watch a live demo, or contact us for more details!