Donations to Charities through Surveys

It is the time of year for giving.  With that in mind, we want to share a way your research can benefit charities.  Simply put, IntelliSurvey can offer survey respondents a donation to charity as an alternative to gift cards or other incentives that pay the respondents directly.  This can be particularly appropriate for B2B research, since some in the respondent pool may be limited in their ability to accept regular incentives, which can lower the response rate and/or bias the results.

With this methodology, the survey invitation informs respondents that upon completion of the survey a donation of a predetermined amount will be made on their behalf.  Respondents can select a charity from a list.  You can work with us to select the list of charities for your survey.  At the conclusion of the survey, IntelliSurvey will administer the payments, and provide totals, so that you can verify the amounts raised.

Whatever the need, we’re here to help, with project teams around the world.  IntelliSurvey is available for any last minute projects that may arise over the holidays.

At this time of year, we’re grateful for the relationships we have built with you.  Have a happy holiday and we look forward to continued collaborations in the coming year.