We hope this note finds you and your loved ones well.

IntelliSurvey has been monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation. There are large uncertainties now in the broader world about continuity and availability. We offer assurance that IntelliSurvey will remain reliable during this challenging time.

We do not expect any change to our availability to make and honor commitments. All IntelliSurvey Service Center employees work from home offices principally in the United States and United Kingdom. That said, as schools around the world close, you might hear some of the IntelliSurvey extended family in the background on business calls. We are grateful in advance for your understanding.

Our team members, like others around the globe, are preparing for more challenges in their personal worlds. To ensure that our team members do not have to compromise their personal commitments, we will be adding additional staff to most project teams. Clients may hear a few more voices on calls, and sense more cooks in the kitchen.

Our purpose is to lean less heavily on individuals, who may need to be called away for pressing personal matters. Our infrastructure resides in secure data centers in the EU and US, with multiple redundant power supplies and Internet backbone connections. We have reviewed our disaster recovery plans in light of recent events. While our infrastructure is robust and compromise remains unlikely, we have taken proactive steps to further enhance our backup protocols and ensure the safety and security of all systems. We have conducted a thorough test of our Disaster Recovery systems, and will continue to conduct enhanced testing until the global situation is normalized.

Our leadership teams will continue to monitor the situation closely, on a daily basis. We will adjust our policies and protocols as needed to ensure that we honor all of our commitments to our clients and team members. We wish you and yours safe passage through these troubling times.

Should you have any questions on related matters, please reach out to your IntelliSurvey team members, or to corona_concern@intellisurvey.com.


Rob and Jonathan