Fraudulent or unsuitable data, whether caused by cheating or inattention, is a serious liability in online research. Failure to identify low-quality responses in your data set can result in invalid conclusions or costly re-fielding.

The ability to weed out low-quality data in real time and replace them in a timely manner protects the integrity of your project and its conclusions. That’s where CheatSweep™ comes in.

Learn how CheatSweep, IntelliSurvey’s proprietary data cleansing system, monitors responses in real time. As respondents complete surveys, the system gathers extensive data from dozens of interaction vectors, scoring data quality with patent-pending algorithms. Records with a high cheat score are immediately removed from the pool of completes.

The result is data that is more dependable, honest, and relevant. CheatSweep generates better insights.

CheatSweep: the most robust and thorough survey cheating detection system available.

Use the screencast link above to watch a live demo, or contact us for more details!