IntelliSurvey Releases New Logo and Updated Website

Today we are releasing a new company logo. You can see it at the top left of this page, and in fact every page on our website. Our old logo served us well for over 10 years. However, it’s a new era, and 50% or more of our survey respondents complete their surveys with mobile devices these days, so the mouse pointer in our old logo was beginning to feel a little dated. We decided to go with a new logo that we believe is simple and elegant. It is mainly text, but a bit stylized, and with a bar graph embedded because we love data and data visualizations.

In addition, we have released some updates to our website, with a few new major headings. First, we’ve added a Careers page, to make it easy for website visitors to find our current openings and apply. This will help us find talented professionals to join our team.

In addition, we now have a “News” page, with this entry as our first news. In the past, we’ve tended to keep to ourselves a bit too much, but now we plan to regularly share news about the company and our software releases. We’ll also be writing about general industry trends and releasing white papers from time to time. Whenever we release news on our website, we will also post about it on social media. To stay informed, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

And of course if you’d like to talk with us directly, please reach out by phone or email, or use our contact form. See our Contact page for details.