Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The integration is becoming more evident across all practices, from diagnosing diseases to monitoring health in real-time. But how does the American public perceive these advances?

About the Study

Objective: Gauge consumer attitudes and behaviors towards healthcare technology.

Methodology: Using the IS Pro platform, we conducted a 12-minute online survey interviewing 1,000 Americans. The panel sample was click-balanced to census targets on age, gender, income, race/ethnicity, and region.

AI in Healthcare report cover

Here’s What the Research Uncovered

AI Familiarity

Among those eager to embrace AI in healthcare, 47% are already extremely, or very, familiar with AI

Improved Care

49% of respondents believe AI will improve quality of healthcare

AI Adoption

31% of Americans believe the adoption of AI is progressing too fast

Get the Full Picture

Our data analysts combed through the data and created a full report breaking down the results, identifying four unique segments in the process. These findings can be applied to tailor technology and services to better meet the needs of each segment.

Some additional insights you’ll gain:

  • Tentative Acceptance: Discover why only 52% are comfortable with AI’s role in diagnostics and treatment.
  • Quality of Care: Hear the varying perceptions about AI’s role in healthcare quality improvement.
  • Segment Sentiments: Understand the makeup of the four distinct segments.

Segment Insights

“It could be fantastic and life changing, literally.”

Eager Adopters

“I don’t like it because you really can’t converse with AI. AI doesn’t have feelings, empathy or sympathy. I just don’t like it.”

Tech-Averse Loyalists

“If it leads to better outcomes during surgeries and medical procedures, I’m all for it.”

“It’s fascinating but also kind of scary to think AI could be used instead of actual physicians and nurses someday.”

Traditional Patients with AI Optimism

Ambivalent Joes and Josephines

Meet the Team Behind the Research

Chris Cox
Senior Data Analyst

With 25 years of market research experience, Chris joined IntelliSurvey in 2022 as their Senior Research Analyst.  He is an expert SPSS programmer with broad experience incorporating complex statistical analyses across a range of product sectors.

Chris holds a B.S. in Pure Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He resides in Boston.

Brandon Stewart
Research Associate

Brandon joined IntellliSurvey in 2022 after finishing his M.A. degree at the University of Memphis with an emphasis in Sociology. Bringing knowledge of innovative methodologies for B2C, B2B, and Healthcare survey studies to our research team, he helps drive the needs of stakeholders and transform data into impactful stories.