What Are Crosstabs? 

Cross-tabulation is utilized in survey reporting as a means of comparing variable results. Crosstabs can be thought of as data tables, used to showcase data in a digestible format.

Crosstab Features

IntelliSurvey enables you to create various crosstabs within the same platform. If you’re ready to take your crosstabs to the next level, learn how to significantly speed up your reporting and produce better results with these new features!

  • Nets to create and add predefined and custom nets, e.g., Top 2 box, to your crosstab reports.
  • Metrics to add descriptive statistics to your tables with a few clicks of the mouse. Metrics available include standard deviations, means, medians, and percentiles. 
  • Summary tables to save time when producing comparison charts, e.g., quickly compare the Top 2 box ratings across all brands or categories.

Navigating Crosstab Reports

At IntelliSurvey, we make it easy to view survey crosstabs with our reporting dashboard. Check out the video walkthrough below to find out how to utilize the new crosstab features, nets and metrics.

Use the screencast link above to watch a live demo, or contact us for more details!