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If you have feedback about specific questions or pages, please look for the feedback bubble in the bottom corner of the survey screen and share with us. Feedback is welcome for both the mechanics of the survey (for our software) and the content of the survey (for our clients).

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Many surveys ask qualification questions first…

In the typical market research project, the survey is written to collect answers from a very specific category of respondents. This might mean “moms with automotive experience” or “young professionals who drink diet cola for breakfast.”  It’s impossible to know whether folks fit the needed profile without asking some questions first.

Sometimes surveys know it’s not the right fit almost immediately. These interviews end before asking all the questions.  The total time spent is a fraction of the full survey and could be 10 out of 100 questions, or 15 out of 200. There are some really long surveys out there!

Other times, the response rate is better / faster than anticipated.  Those who respond first can complete the survey, and latecomers are then unable to proceed past the first few pages.

Researchers and survey creators try to make these exit points as early and as polite as possible. The main idea we would like to convey is how much we sincerely appreciate your willingness to take our clients’ surveys. Thank you for clicking in — even when it means to simply help our clients home in on the final respondent categories needed for their research.

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    Curious about the life cycle of a survey?

    Most of the surveys taken online are the result of many phases of creation.

    Below we’ve summarized a possible scenario:

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    An organization or corporation is curious about something. They hire a research agency or their research department to look into it.

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    General questions about the topic are considered, mulled over, and analyzed.

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    The researchers begin developing an approach to ask and investigate these questions fairly, in an unbiased way. They compose a document of survey questions to find their answers.

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    A software company is hired to convert this document into an online survey. This is where we come in! IntelliSurvey also provides guidance to the researcher to make it easy for respondents, though sometimes there’s no getting around laborious question content.

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    Next, the survey gets ready to collect the opinions and experiences of the appropriate population segment.

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    To carefully select this group, a professional organization invites willing participants who they believe will fit the survey (and who may decide to opt-out, a right that should and must be respected).

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    Finally, the project waits for enough people who have the traits and experience needed to complete the entire survey. The collective answers provided give the first organization the guidance to make decisions about various areas of their operations.

    You’re helping people make big decisions!

    Thank you for reading through this page. Our hope is to make the survey process more transparent and to improve the experience for all involved.