The summer season is an exciting time as many of us go on vacation, spend time outdoors, and cool down with ice cold treats. At times, the heat and humidity can go so high that we seek refuge indoors in places like shopping malls and movie theaters. To learn more about our habits during the summer, we conducted a study using a new platform created by IntelliSurvey: QuexMe.

What is QuexMe?

QuexMe is a platform that allows you to create and answer questions from your friends, family, and the world at large. Join groups to find the content you’re interested in and become part of a community of people answering and asking questions. For example, you can join a ‘Foodies’ group and ask a question such as, ‘Do you prefer Tacos or Pizza?’ See how the community has answered and even break the results down by demographics, e.g., how did men vs. women answer this question? We used QuexMe to ask five questions about summer habits. A marketplace was used to field responses. Note that the results are not representative of the US population.

Fun in the Sun

We asked respondents to rate how their summer was going so far. On a five-star scale, 75% rated their summer as four-stars or above.  With the warm weather, people are heading outdoors to engage in all types of summer activities. 79% of respondents are participating in outdoor activities like county fairs, outdoor movies and concerts, sporting events, or music festivals. 21% of respondents however are not planning to engage in any of these activities this summer.

Cooling Down

At the height of summer, people look for ways to beat the heat, and cost may be a factor in how they choose to do so. Respondents preferred strategies to cool down with indirect costs (swimming, 38%; turn on the AC at home, 29%) at higher rates than those with direct costs (eat cold treats, 18%; go to the movies, 8%; go to the mall, 7%). Eating summer treats is also a way to cool down. When asked to rank four summer desserts, ice cream scored the highest overall, and also across the observed demographic groups (gender, generation, race, US region).

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