Proprietary Research Software Available for Licensing
Proprietary Research Software Available for Licensing

Enhance collaboration across your research team at significantly less cost than other solutions while gathering insights faster than ever before.

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Leading Market Research Through Insights
Leading Market Research Through Insights

"Bad Data & Bad Actors": Our market research experts have authored a new ebook about modern threats to data quality. Download it now and learn how to overcome the biggest threats to market research.

IntelliSurvey is leading market research through insights via their new ebook titled "Bad Data and Bad Actors".
Powering Intelligent Research

Powering Intelligent Research

IntelliSurvey helps clients gain insights through online surveys. Our expert teams leverage our industry-leading software to bring fast, accurate and customized solutions.

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The Need for Speed
Optimizing for Speed

Our programmers offer thoughtful advice to improve efficiency. Our sampling team multi-sources to speed up field. Our portal supports real-time results.

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Quality Delivery
Delivering Quality

We deliver flawless results by managing quality through the insights process: scoping, questionnaire design, programming, sample sourcing, and data cleaning.

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Customize & Automate

IntelliSurvey owns its software. We develop tailored automated solutions for programming, API fielding, algorithmic data cleaning, live reporting, PPT outputs, etc.

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