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A serious system.

The IntelliSurvey platform enables researchers to quickly and cost-effectively program, host and field online surveys of any complexity.

Our platform is...

  • Powerful, with few capacity limits (more)
    Our systems run on a number of different hardware configurations -- from single server up to massively redundant grid -- depending on loads and client needs. A simple configuration supports on the order of 50,000 completed 20 page surveys per day; larger configurations can support many times as many responses.
  • Full-featured (more)
    IntelliSurvey surveys can offer a full set of enterprise-class features, including:
    • Advanced quota management and quota weighting
    • Arbitarily complex randomization schemes
    • Intricate tables
    • Branching based on any kind of logic, from simple to complex, including any number of questions or logical expressions
    • Re-usable blocks
    • Customizable templates allow researchers to match any desired "look and feel"
  • Flexible and extensible (more)
    While our platform supports all commonly deployed research techniques, our clients tend to push the envelope. With many companies, designing and building custom systems to accommodate idiosyncratic needs is a lengthy and costly process. Not so with IntelliSurvey -- our developers are comfortable fiddling under the hood. So if you need something that isn't built-in, we can help you extend the software to handle your project. This could mean interfacing with external systems, programming unusual or complex brand selection algorithms, or something nobody else has thought of yet.
  • Thematically consistent, and holistically integrated (more)
    Often, we receive an eccentric request from a client; when this occurs, we don't just hack it into the main system (though we may hack it out for an individual survey). We re-think it from the ground up to ensure that it's just right -- that it's thematically consistent with the rest of our systems. Many feature requests morph during the development process, and become tools that are useful far afield from the idiosyncrasy that originally prompted their request. Further, dedication to foundational principles ensures that our features play well together.
  • Simple and powerful for data processors and study reviewers (more)
    Most IntelliSurvey clients are running complex analytics in Quantum, SPSS, SAS, or other statistical packages. Our platform supports real-time downloads upon study inception. Data is intuitively labeled, and downloaders can also control data structures (making tracker management easy). The IntelliSurvey reporting system enables study managers to quickly review results. The robust real-time reporting system includes frequency graphs, cross-tabs, and much more.
  • Maniacal about data integrity and uptime (more)
    Uptime and data integrity are critical to our services. While the most resilient and redundant systems can fail, we work to minimize failure likelihood, and provide 24/7 support to ensure that any problems can be quickly resolved. We have not lost any respondent data in more than five years.
  • Committed to staying ahead of the curve (more)
    Markets today are changing faster than ever before; the market research industry is having to evolve ever more quickly along with it. IntelliSurvey invests significant resources into system development to ensure that our platform remains at the leading edge.
If you have questions about our technical capabilities, or would like to see demos, we hope you'll contact us.