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As simple and easy as it can be.

Through our Service Center, IntelliSurvey programs and hosts surveys for leading research firms. Our clients simply send us survey documents electronically. Our Service Center professionals take it from there; programming, testing, coordinating sample, hosting, and providing access to real-time reports and downloads. Our platform dramatically reduces the amount of labor at every step of the chain, enabling thoughtful attention to matters large and small, from inception to closure.

Our clients find our service...

  • Fast (more)
    Often, our "standard" turnaround is roughly half that required from our competitors. Moreover, because our programming process is more automated, and more completely leverages client documents, even complicated surveys are deployed error-free.
  • Flexible (more)
    Our Service Center deploys your survey in exacting detail, with virtually no functional limits. Our platform supports a broad variety of data collection techniques and styles. Our project managers can deploy almost any instruction that our clients imagine.
  • Cost effective (more)
    We seek to price at or below our competitors. However, programming and hosting (P&H) is typically among the smallest items in the budget. Our Service Center can enable significant savings in other line items, including sample (through the substantive elimination of overage, and reduced cheating expenses), field support costs (through dynamic real-time reports), data processing efficiencies, and much more.
  • Professional (more)
    Our Service Center team is staffed by first world professionals. They diligently devote thoughtful attention to the structure and substance of client surveys.

We encourage you to browse this site to find out more about our Service Center and our Specialty Areas; please do not hesitate to reach out to our Specialty Area Experts with any specific questions you may have.