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Serving the data collection needs of demanding researchers.

IntelliSurvey helps researchers and marketing specialists efficiently and quickly collect and analyze primary market research data. Our clients include leading custom research firms, human capital consultancies, management consulting firms, syndicated researchers, membership associations, governments, and internal research teams.

IntelliSurvey was founded in 2001. At the time, a growing number of researchers wanted to move online from paper and phone surveys. However, existing online survey tools tended to be fairly limited, and could not handle features often found in phone survey tools, such as the ability to do complex randomizations, quota controls, and specialized branching. We stepped in to handle complex and custom online surveys, without the typical delay or cost of custom programming.

We started small, individually programming complex surveys on a project-by-project basis. Because the founders and other early employees programmed surveys themselves, rather than maintaining separate survey programming staff, we've been maniacal about finding ways to reduce the labor required to program a survey since we started. As our software application and processes grew more simple and powerful, business grew organically, and with it a team of talented project managers and developers. A few years after our inception, we began offering our software as a service (SaaS) delivered over the Internet, so researchers who wanted to manage programming in-house could also benefit from our services.

Throughout 2013 and beyond, we look forward to staying ahead of the curve, and continuing to introduce market-leading capabilities to make online data collection quick and efficient, and to make even the most complex requests readily possible. In addition, we are introducing new reporting features to help streamline data processing and analytics, and make the time (and cost) from project inception to analysis and insight even shorter.

IntelliSurvey is a privately held company with headquarters in Southern California. We have an additional office in Lexington, Kentucky, and staff in virtual offices spread across the United States and United Kingdom.