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Common requests are fast and easy; few eccentric requests aren't feasible.

The IntelliSurvey platform easily accommodates commonly used question presentation techniques. We follow the questionnaire exactly as specified, without having to adjust presentation style or structure. With few exceptions, if an instruction can be written in plain English, it can be enabled in IntelliSurvey.

Our systems easily support...

  • All "simple" question types and styles (more)
    Our platform supports the easy and reliable creation of radio buttons (single punch), checkboxes (multi-punch), pulldowns, text entries, and more. Our clients have driven us to develop easy ways of implementing many, many presentation parameters, so we can easily show questions exactly as needed.
  • Arbitrarily complex invocation of common research techniques (validation, randomization, skip patterns, piping, etc.) (more)
    With only a few exceptions, if a programmer note can be written in plain English, our project managers can quickly implement it. Our systems support layered and persistent randomization, deeply conditioned text piping, nested rotations, arbitrarily complex Boolean validation and piping, and much more.
  • Few practical limits on respondent volume or questionnaire size (more)
    Depending on the hardware configuration, our platforms support many thousands of concurrent respondents through even the most complex survey. We can support thousands of questions, spread across many thousands of pages.
  • Web 2.0 - Card sorts and much, much more (more)
    Increasingly, clients are looking to vendors to deploy questions in more interactive formats, such as card sorts. We've deployed many card sorts -- from simple rankings to complex normalized pyramidal structures. Many "Web 2.0" features are simple but extremely effective -- such as reducing respondent fatigue in lengthy ratings batteries via what we call autosubmit fade-in. We offer a host of such features -- and are experienced building additional interactive features to client specifications.
  • Media embedding and protection (more)
    Our system supports the display of any web-friendly media formats including Windows Media, Quicktime, and Flash -- as well as all static image formats. However, we strongly recommend that videos be rendered in Flash (we can undertake the transfer), which has 99%+ penetration across the web. Further, we've developed proprietary content protection schemes within Flash to prevent piracy.

Many vendors make representations like those in this web site. Further, many researchers require particular deployment techniques and styles that may be challenging for any vendor, including IntelliSurvey. This web site contains examples and descriptions that will lend weight to the capabilities of our platform -- but any description is a poor substitute for seeing your own survey live on any platform. To that end, we will typically offer any new client the opportunity to program a demo survey at no cost, or a live survey at deeply discounted costs, to enable a proper assessment of our capabilities.